Manning 500/230 kV Substation Project

Manning 500/230 kV Substation Project

The Manning 500/230 kV Substation Project was awarded to LS Power Grid California, LLC in 2023 through a competitive solicitation conducted by CAISO for its 2021-22 Transmission Planning Process.  This policy-driven project will enable the advancement of renewable generation within the Westlands/San Joaquin area and address overloads on PG&E’s 230 kV system. The Project is located in Fresno County, California with a planned in-service date of 2028.

The Project includes a new 500/230 kV Manning substation and approximately ten miles of new 230 kV overhead transmission lines from the new Manning substation to PG&E’s Tranquility substation. Additionally, PG&E’s Los Banos to Midway #2 500 kV line, Los Banos to Gates #1 500 kV line, and Panoche to Tranquility #1 and #2 230kV lines will be looped into the Manning substation.

Construction of the Project is planned to begin in early 2026 after necessary permits and approvals are obtained. The construction phase of the Project is anticipated to be approximately 18 to 22 months in duration, concluding with the energization of the new Project facilities.

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Manning 500/230kV Substation Project Open House

October 26, 2023