Newark-Northern Receiving Station HVDC Project

Newark – Northern Receiving Station HVDC Project

The Newark – Northern Receiving Station HVDC Project is a reliability-driven project that will strengthen the electrical grid north of San José by providing a strong, new source to the area. The project will support economic development and provide better access to cost effective, renewable energy to meet the needs of residents and businesses. The project is located in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties, California and is anticipated to enter into service in 2028.

The project includes two new 320 kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) terminals, which provide the ability to control power flows. Each terminal also includes a 230 kV alternating current (AC) gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) switchyard. The northern HVDC terminal will interconnect to the existing Newark substation via a new 230 kV AC overhead transmission line. The southern HVDC terminal will be located near the existing Los Esteros substation and will interconnect to the existing Northern Receiving Station via a new approximately four miles 230 kV AC underground and overhead transmission line.  A new approximately eight mile ±320 kV HVDC underground and overhead transmission line will connect the two terminals.

Construction is planned to begin in early-2026 after necessary permits, agreements and land rights are received. The construction phase of the project is anticipated to be approximately 2 years in duration, concluding with the energization and testing of the new project facilities.

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